Чемпионат 1998 г.
Гран-При Италии

# 3

Ferrari F300

Ferrari 3.0 V10








 Скорость (Км/ч) 


53   1:17'09.672 



  1'25.289  243.548 

 Быстрейший круг 








 Скорость (Км/ч) 

 1-я сессия 



2-я сессия 

10  1'40.656  206.366 




До начала Гран-При:
"Monza is similar to Hockenheim. You need to find the right balance between straight line and downforce for the chicanes and corners. Winning here in 1996 was undoubtedly one of the most tremendous moments in my Formula One career. Standing on the podium and experiencing the emotions of the crowd in front of us was something that I will never forget. Unfortunately the last test here in Monza showed that we are a bit off the pace so I think it will be a difficult race for us."

Свободные заезды (пятница):
"I was unable to do many laps this morning for two reasons. Firstly, I had a leaking brake pipe and secondly, there was a problem with the steering system. All the same, we looked quite competitive today in both dry and wet conditions. I enjoyed the atmosphere of driving in front of so many tifosi and I hope I can give them something to cheer about tomorrow and on Sunday."

Квалификация (суббота):
"This was a dream result. It has been a long wait for my first pole of the season, but Monza is the best place for it to happen and I am very happy about it. We got everything right and we picked the best moment to go out. I did my pole time on the first lap of my final run. I had not expected it to be good enough as my final lap should have been the quickest. However, I made a mistake on the last lap and luckily the first one did the job. Today's result puts us in a very strong position for the race."

Гонка (воскресение):
"My compliments go to the team, who have worked night and day to make this great victory possible. After Hockenheim we thought Monza would be very difficult for us, but all this hard work paid off today. I also thank Eddie and Ralf for helping me get on equal terms with Hakkinen in the Championship. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong with my start today, which is why I lost a couple of places. Of course, Eddie did not make it difficult for me to pass and so I was able to chase the McLarens. At one point Mika seemed to have a problem, while David disappeared into the distance. I overtook Mika when he went wide into the second chicane. He lost exit speed and I was able to pass him. Later he closed the gap a little bit, but I do not think he would have been able to pass me. Now I am looking forward to Nuerburgring and Suzuka as both circuits should suit our car."

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